Gratitude in Consulting

3 02 2011

As I watched the world from my windows today, I was reminded of a time when I was not so centered, not so calm.  I watched and waited as 20″ of fresh show fell on Chicago between yesterday and today and now it’s over.  Leaving in it’s wake mountains of snow and a wind chill of 25 degrees below zero tonight.  Mother Nature has indeed spoken and I ponder her message.

I think she is telling me to slow it down and be grateful for who I am, and where I am in the world.  I remember my 24 years as a catering business owner and I am beyond grateful that I no longer have to be responsible for a team of professionals getting everything, everywhere is was supposed to be … come rain or shine or “thundersnow”.  I was grateful to sleep last night knowing I didn’t have to worry about a power outtage at the kitchen which could have blown out the compressors on the walk-ins, leading to the spoilage of all of our prep food for a weekend’s worth of events … or shoveling out the vans or staff who wouldn’t be able to make it in to work … how would it all get done?  The worry, the planning, the back-up plans … oh my.

Breathe.  It feels good.  I am so grateful to be working on my own, helping others through many of the same things I have experienced myself.  This time I am better educated and more prepared through my life’s experience … the good, the bad and the ugly.  I’m strong, I’m ready … bring it!




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