As if it were my own.

17 02 2011

I am thrilled to begin working with a new client on a Fast Casual Restaurant concept.  We are going to have a look at a couple of locations today, and it’s got me thinking about the old adage … location, location, location!

However, while pondering the importance of location and the ga-zillion other details of this project, I have noticed a strong feeling in my gut.  It comes down to this … the best that I can do for my clients, is to always think of their projects as if they were my own. 

Taking virtual ownership is important to me, and I want my clients to be successful in their endeavors.   I know how important it is to make good decisions, and I know how hard we all work for the bottom line.  As we move forward, I will be thinking about every aspect of this project as if it was my own investment.




One response

24 02 2011
Kate Miller

All the best to you on this project. I know your consciousness guides it’s unfoldment.

From John Heider’s The Tao of Leadership:

An experienced traveler does not need a packages tour to go places safely.
A good political speech does not need to make promises or antagonize the crowd.
A good mathematician does not need a computer to solve every problem.
A secure home does not have bolts and bars and locks and alarms everywhere, yet a burglar cannot get inside.

The wise leader’s ability does not rest on techniques or gimicks or set exercises. The method of awareness-of-process applies to all people and all situations. The leaders personal state of consciousness creates a climate of openness. Center and ground give the leader stability, flexibility, and endurance. Because the leader sees clearly, the leader can shed light on others

The group members need the leader for guidance and facilitation. The leader needs people to work with, people to serve. If both do not recognize the mutual need to love and respect one another, each misses the point.
They miss the creativity of the student-teacher polarity. They do not see how things happen.

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