the gracious gift of hospitality

6 05 2011

As the 5th of May comes to a close, I reflect back to this morning when I woke up dreaming, thinking about and remembering my mom.  She was a phenomenal cook and an amazing host and she would have been 78 today.  I miss her terribly, but I also find tremendous comfort knowing that she is always with me.

It was my mom who contributed her gracious gift of hospitality to my DNA, and I am so completely and totally grateful.  As the owner of a catering business for 20 plus years, and now in my fifth year as a business consultant to the catering and restaurant industry, I can honestly say that this is a gift that keeps on giving.  Thank goodness.

Whether I am dining or cooking with friends and associates, visiting a gazillion restaurant websites in the name of “research”, or consulting with my clients, she is with me.  Channeling that gracious gift of hospitality in everything I do.  It makes me nicer, it keeps me humble, it helps me to help others and surrounds me with a comfortable and approachable aura.

I treasure the gracious part of this gift, it’s something I try to carry with me every day.  The warp speed change and advancement of technologies that has proven to make our lives better, more convenient, more efficient and yes, breathless … challenges our graciousness.

Thanks mom, for this lovely gift.  Happy Birthday and Happy Mother’s Day always and forever.


Catering for Restaurants

29 01 2011

Looking for new sectors in 2011?  If you have not yet created a catering menu for your restaurant, now is the time to think about catering and bringing more profit to your bottom line.

Catering packages are easy to put together, you can use par stock items and use the afternoon down time for prep.

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